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How To Write A Mission Statement

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Here are 8 steps to create your mission statement:

  1. Identify your purpose: Determine why your organization exists and what it aims to achieve. Consider the problems you solve or the needs you fulfill.

  2. Define your values: Outline the principles and beliefs that guide your organization's actions and decisions. These represent the core of your identity.

  3. Consider your stakeholders: Reflect on the interests and expectations of your customers, employees, investors, and the community you serve.

  4. Keep it concise and clear: Craft a statement that is brief, memorable, and easy to understand. Avoid jargon and complex language.

  5. Make it inspiring: Your mission statement should inspire and motivate both internal and external stakeholders. It should convey enthusiasm and purpose.

  6. Review and refine: Continuously evaluate your mission statement to ensure it remains relevant and aligned with your organization's goals and values.

  7. Seek feedback: Gather input from key stakeholders to ensure that your mission statement resonates with them and accurately represents your organization.

  8. Finalize and communicate: Once you have crafted your mission statement, share it with your team and integrate it into your organization's communications and culture.

What's your mission statement?


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