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How To Choose A Color Palette

blured image of woman walking towards a wall with different color squares.

Wondering how to choose the perfect color palette for your brand kit? Here's a quick guide!

Step 1️⃣: Reflect Your Brand's Personality 👀

african american woman with palms touching. ocean and sand in background.

The colors you choose should resonate with your brand's personality. Are you bold and energetic? Try vibrant hues. More calm and serene? Opt for soft, soothing colors.

Step 2️⃣: Consider Your Audience 👥

Who are you speaking to? Understanding your audience's preferences and expectations can guide your color selection.

Step 3️⃣: Keep It Simple

Aim for around 5 colors. This keeps your branding consistent and professional.

Step 4️⃣: Test It Out 🔄

See how your chosen colors look on different platforms and in various combinations. Don't be afraid to tweak until it feels right!"

three glass bottles, one pump, one spray, one dropper. with blank labels

stack of white paper shopping bags with "mrs. smith clean products" printed on the front.


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